THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

When my crazy meets your crazy

Imagine a glorious beaut. The Duchess of duchesses. The Naomi to this Jordan Belfort. This is what comes to mind when I think about her:

“If you know how?”, she whispered as she walked away. 

A kind of sortilege, if you had the courage for those sorts of things. Well I didn’t, but her enchantment, her marshmallow soft supple mesmerism, made me a surrendered marionette – and I loved it.

Cherry blossom? Cotton candy? Tickle me? How Google knows the difference between those amazes me, but even a color blind fool such as myself could recognize, with a kind of spiritual awakening – strapless – pink – a gentle peck of a kiss, that caressed an unbeating, unoxygenated heart. Ba boom. Ba boom. Lub Dub. Lub Dub.

So descriptive and yet so eluding.

Life entered my entire being. I stood up, zeroed in – a warrior emerged. Sights set. Battle charge ready. This was no war. A challenge, a dare rather. I ran after her with masculine subtlety, tugged her hand and said: “Hey! The thing with imagination is you don’t need to know how, you only need but know – and I know”.

I stood next to her and offered my hand, with a smile that said: “Join me”?

(No this really didn’t happen. I made it up. Sigh.)

The truth is – as beautiful as she looks (and that may change), this will not change: she poops. She farts (though ever so softly). If she hasn’t brushed her teeth – her breath may kill you, she throws up after too many drinks, and when she is sick her nose leaks mucus and her eyes get puffy.

When you treat a woman like a goddess, she starts to believe that she shouldn’t have any imperfections. She starts to panic about her belly fat and a spot on her nose. Maybe just treat her like a gentleman would, then as a friend, and then as a partner. Maybe then she’ll show her imperfections. Maybe you’ll fall in love with them. Maybe she’ll fall in love with them too.

The same is applicable from the other point of view. A guy should take care of himself, though he shouldn’t be afraid of his peculiar attributes, he should embrace it. After all, who wants to be with someone who isn’t excited to be with them? The real them – poop, farts, acne, and belly fat included.

Here’s my crazy. Show me yours?

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