THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

The Scale of Trying

There are 10 trillion galaxies in this universe. There’s a 100 billion stars in the milky way. That’s 10^24 stars in the universe. Assume the total number of planets are far more than that. It took that magnitude of creation to result in creating the earth – a planet able to sustain life. It took more than 8.7 million species of effort to result in making us sapiens. It took the sacrifice of over 200 billion sperm to ensure you were born. Everything in this universe is a result of 13.8 billion years of trying. This is how nature does things. This is nature’s scale of trying.

Albert Einstein published over 300 scientific works. Mozart composed over 600 musical pieces. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group controls over 400 companies. Roger Federer has played 377 grand slam matches. Stephen King has written 56 novels. Woody Allen has made 47 movies. Picasso has made 1885 paintings and over 50 000 art works. This is their scale of trying.

What’s yours?