THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

The noise in here and the noise out there

Have you ever tried to talk over someone or background noise? Have you been to a club and had to use made-up sign language ’cause the music is so loud?

When you want to do something or need to do something but you can’t hear yourself –  that’s Procrastination.

Noise – that’s the problem.

Noise in your head or noise around you or both, but if you learn to focus, to zone in, you can achieve greatness and they’ll remember your name for thousands of years.

NO THEY WILL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what you should do instead.

Learn the habit of trying. Try even though you know you will fail. Do half a push up. Write one line or even one word. Just learn to try. When you find something not interesting or entertaining, try doing it. Just try. Keep trying. You know you are going to fail but you are trying to say – I tried, and fuck you world, and fuck you success, and fuck you social pressure and judgmental people, and fuck myself for ever thinking I had something to prove to them. I only have something to prove to myself that is I can say fuck you to all those things.

You might say, “but that’s a waste of time”, “or don’t you think a better way to say fuck you is to not do anything at all?”. I want to talk about someone I admire a lot. You know the Batman? Well I want to talk about the other guy. The Joker. He knew how to say fuck you. If ever there were Oscars for saying fuck you, he would win every year. He was the most surprising, most unpredictable enemy the batman ever knew.

Be like the joker. Okay, don’t kill people and break the law, but learn how to say Oscar winning fuck yous.

The world expects you not to try, or to try a few times, ’cause they know you will get disappointed and quit. But hey, you know you are going to fail. Yes that’s right, even though subconsciously you secretly believed you might, just might, with the gods help and lady luck, you might succeed. Well fuck them too. You are going to fail, and if after 50 years or even a hundred you still haven’t – you are going to fail. And it’s okay. It’s normal. The game is rigged. You are not in control and you never will be. This is life, and you are alive ’cause you are reading about this fucker saying fuck you to other fuckers.

So do the most illogical thing, the most surprising thing – try. Keep trying, and then try harder ’cause it’s a sweeter fuck you (but say a basic fuck you first).

And in the end when you have said a ton of fuck yous – that’s it – the end. “Fuck you”, on my tombstone.

Fuck you very nicely 🙂

From this dick shit of a cunt (Tyrion Lannister voice).

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