THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

The addict and the artist

Have you met an addict? Well, take a look in the mirror and say hello. Have you met an artist? You’ve guessed it, take another look in the mirror. The artist may seem strange or new to you, but I assure you the artist has always been there, even before the addict existed. Don’t be rude, say hi.

Now, why haven’t you seen the artist before? 

Let me ask you a question: have you seen someone beautiful on Instagram (or any other form of social media) I mean, besides yourself? Well, I have seen plenty hot broads and plenty of sexiness. Some of them may be reading this. I’d like to say this to you, and everyone else. When Instagram is a shadow of your art, Twitter a speck of your book, alcohol used as a smoke screen to cover up your pain, and television is an escape from reality – this is when you know you are not pursuing your calling. You are not creating your art. The pain you go to bed with on a Sunday night and wake up with on a Monday morning, you think it’s because of your job. No. It is in fact, a reminder to create your art. To do your work.

Your Instagram is beautiful. Your twitter quite profound. Your tipsy dance moves are mesmerizing. Imagine if you simply took the time, day by day, week by week, to create your art, what masterpieces you would create! Imagine, if you just took the time to figure out what your art is. The world will admire your bravery, the gods will bless your endeavors, and the muse will strengthen your resolve, and if you don’t care about that – care about your art. Why else are you here? Why else are you alive? Is it to only drink and be merry? There’s plenty of time for that. I’d even join you. Or better yet, is it to chip away at marble and create something unique, or to teach some preschoolers something cool, or to help your employer innovate?

Every day we have an opportunity. In the words of the legendary Master Oogway: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why it is called present”. Which will you choose – to live with labor and love, or to exist in the shadows?

I am rooting for you, and for your art patiently – but don’t take too long! 🙂

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