THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

Self inception

I saw a picture of the world’s ugliest woman. I won’t mention her name because I believe that is not something she should be known for, but that got me thinking about: the abnormal, the outcasts, the circus freaks. I watched Victor Frankenstein recently, and the part that I liked the most was that a circus freak got rescued, returned to normal, and got the girl whom he loved. However, what I became curious about is, would she have loved him if he was still a freak? Would she have even given him a chance?

Are freaks and the strange worth loving? The default answer is yes but then I have to ask, why do so few people really believe it? Yes, sometimes I even feel like a freak, out of place and alone so this is my answer and it goes for everybody.

Nobody is expected to love you. Not your wife or your husband. Not your kids or siblings. Not your friends. Not even your mother. That sounds depressing but it’s true. Let that settle in for a minute. 

Now ask yourself this question: what if the pain in your heart right now and the loneliness you feel was not because you needed the love of another? What if all it was saying is that you needed love – and you decided, you convinced yourself as if it already existed, that that love should come from another? You planted the idea, and wiped your prints off. You planted the inception in yourself (yes, like the movie, except you are both Dom and Saito). You did such a great job that you are even struggling to believe this, yet I will not try to convince you. I will only continue to ask questions. The answers are for you to find out. 

What if you didn’t need the love of another? What if you didn’t have to feel alone? What if, just what if, you loved yourself truly and deeply, and then needing someone else to care about you didn’t matter anymore? What if you loved yourself like your life depended on it? What if you only but tried?

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