THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

Playing a first person shooter

Benji and Emmerson spot a spellbinding dame across the room. 

Benji: Go up to her and introduce yourself?

Emmerson: But I’m not dressed as…

Benji abruptly interrupts him: Stop! She already thinks you’re ugly, stupid, not worth her time and effort. You know this, don’t you?

Emmerson: Yes.

Benji: How?

Emmerson: I don’t know.

Benji: All I see is a vixen that is worth my time.

Emmerson: But I don’t know what to say. I’m not good with conversations.

Benji: When playing a first person shooter stop looking for yourself. This is a first person shooter game. You look at her, and you look for her. Ambiguous as she seems, ambiguity is her name. So say, “Hello Ambiguity, I’m Emmerson.”

The same could be said of that job opening you are too afraid to apply for, or that screen play that you are afraid no one will like, or that idea you are too afraid to tell your boss about, or that song you are too afraid to write.

All I see is a chance to do something that counts, to do something that matters, to write something that may help someone, to say something that may change someone who needs it. Take your turn and overcome fear, overcome resistance – and if you try, maybe someone else will too.

Sometimes we see things that aren’t there, or feel things that aren’t real. Are our stories real or not? You decide.

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