THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

Create your Answer cause you’ll never find it

How to go from A to B?
There are literally infinite paths. But very few people get there.
Money. Freedom. Happiness. Love. You name it, if it has value it is scarce. Nobody gets it free and nobody gives it for free.
So why do so few people get there?
My opinion:
The majority didn’t start walking. They were thinking about should I run, drive, or fly? Who else got there? What are the difficult parts or problems I might face? What is the quickest route? Can someone take me there?
Even crawling is better than what you are doing!
Possibilities, options, and efficiency are the enemy of effectiveness and of getting there. Just try. That’s all.
Notice I said walking for a reason. I’ve made up my mind. I chose, and I chose to get there. Yes, to the holy grail, ‘Point B’.
Remember this: Whatever answer you need, it can never be found. Only created, and only by you. One day it does not exist, the next day it does. 
Try – that is the answer.

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