THE UNDEFINED AND UNKNOWN - Christopher Calvin Govender

If I had a super power

I have this habit of looking for things that have asymmetrical risk reward. They seem kind of mythological since many people believe they don’t exist. We use a heuristic of “too good to be true “, yet they are there, hiding in plain sight, if you would only but look.

Some of the best ones that I have found are:
• Books: they cost about 20 dollars, yet they can change your mind and change your life. Many have for me. The ultimate is Love Yourself like Your Life Depends on It.
The Tim Ferriss Show: cost? Free! Habits, routines and systems of the best in the world; and he’s certainly among them.
Tony Robins live event: if you haven’t watched “Tony Robbins: I am not your guru“, do yourself a favor and watch it now.
Dale Carnegie course: I am doing one as of writing this post. Scott Adams recommended it and Warren Buffet said it changed his life.
• Travel: I went to Thailand in December; and saying it was the greatest experience I could imagine, is an understatement.
• Blogs: like Derek Sivers, Scott Adams, and James Altucher.
Meditation: you add life to your years.
Exercise, A healthy diet, Sleep: you add years to your life.
• Journaling: No matter how hard it is, it can be written down.
Stoicism: The ultimate practical philosophy.

All of the above makes you look like a legendary investor because the quality of your life will be indescribable, but would I want anyone of them to be a super power or even all of them? Maybe not. There’s something I’ve found that is greater.

Let me show you how I got my super power, and how it got me to make many of the items of the above list, a part of my life.

I was looking for a way to make me rich and I stumbled upon “The Four Hour Work Week”, which led me to Tim Ferriss. Then while looking for media with Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel, I was led to Tim’s podcast, which led me to books and reading, which led me to Kamal Ravikant, Tony Robbins, Derek Sivers, Scott Adams, and a host of other amazing people.

So you see if you pull on the right thread, how so much unravels? Keep searching for that thread. Keep looking to live life effectively. That curiosity, that belief that there are many more threads to pull, and so much more to unravel – that’s my super power. I may not be the best in the world at it, but I practice every day.

What’s your super power?