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Showing Up

Usually showing up is enough. If you have a goal, here’s the 80/20 rule to accomplishing it: Show up everyday. Show up at gym. Show up to write. Show up to code. And if you showed up, why not stay there for just a little bit longer?

Let’s deconstruct showing up into what it truly means:
It means build the smallest habit possible. Because if you build that habit then you have a foundation. Then on that habit build other habits. Each time building only the smallest habit possible, and building one habit at a time. Don’t worry about scale. Just build. It could be as simple as putting on shoes, or opening Evernote, or switching your phone off.

Build. Slowly. Steadily.
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Counter Intuitive Speed

Imagine a race with 3 participants: A, B and C. A is being chased by a lion. B is running for a million dollars. C is running because he enjoys running really fast. Who will win?

If you break down the above example, it translates into this:
Running from (A) versus, Running to (B) versus, Running just because (C). A parallel can be made with your past, future and present. Another way to view it: A is being chased by a lion (Fear). B is running for a million dollars (Desire). C is running because he enjoys running really fast (Peace & Fulfillment).

This post started with being about speed but, if you really think about it, it is about life. You are always spending time and, your time equals your life. Why do you spend your time on the things you do? Why do you spend your life on the things you do? “Being effective and investing your time in the right area at the right time is a skill” – Sizhao Yang. So is understanding why you do what you do. It is a skill. So, why develop these skills? Why is it so important? Because in the end we want to win, right? No, that’s desire. We don’t want to be wasting our precious time? No, that’s fear. We value living and we love being alive? I think I’ll go with that.
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Your darkness is my friend. The black night, my ally. I live in the shadows of your heart. To find me, close your eyes. To feel me, welcome your fear. To know me, know yourself. To love me, reject your notions. For I carry your hate, I hold your pain, and I bear your ugliness, hoping that you’ll accept me. Will you? I’m waiting for you. Waiting patiently. 

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Bright. Shining. She looked up. The sun staring down. She smiles. She remembers. 
Her eyes now closed. Her lips dry. She breathes in deep. Tied hands and feet. She remembers.
Stretched across a canvas. Naked. She laughs. Her spirit strong. Her mind calm. She remembers.
Her fists clenched. Held tightly. Holding on. Determined. Resolute. Still. She remembers.
Peace, yet pain. Her eyes still closed. Shaking. She cries and takes her last breath. Gone, but we remember.
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